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One of the MANY reasons I LOVE being a BeachBody Coach

There are SO MANY Reasons that I personally LOVE being a BeachBody coach

I am definitely not going to get into all of them right now but THIS JUST HAPPENED!!!

Last night was my last workout for my 21 Day fitness challenge so this morning I was going to take my progress pictures and share them on my FanPage so you all could see! (Scary showing other people eeekkk…)

Anyways this morning was CRAZY BUSY  and had about a 30 minutes window to go for a quick 5 K run so off I went.

When I got home I RAN upstairs to take some pictures (funny story about that below) and the doorbell range … WELL LOL I was in my sports bran and short shorts so I threw on something a little more appropriate to run down stairs to get the door!

WELL I missed UPS but there it was MY BEACHBODY PACKAGE… but it didm’t look like my monthly order of Shakeology .. so I shook it! and YEP it was my prize from last month!!

BeachBody rewards their coaches in MANY different ways. They have a very lucrative pay structure, they give away free trips, money, and each month a prize for helping a minimum of 3 people on their fitness journey! SOO COOL !

For the month of March I helped ALOT more than 3 people get started on their journey and EVERY coach who helped a min of 3 people got rewarded with this fun little BeachBody-opoly! HA HA HA how awesome is this?? BEST MONTHLY PRIZE EVER!!! I have quite a bit of swag from BeachBody including shirts, tank tops, bobble heads, blankets, tote bags but this is seriously the funniest prize yet!

Now to the funny after pictures from my 3rd round of the 21 Day Fix! I went to take my after pictures to share with you all today and THERE IS NO LONG MIRROR at my moms house LOL – I am visiting her right now but thought long full length mirrors were a staple in everyones house HA HA HA I may have to buy her one for Christmas this up coming year.

Coaching is such a blast and who doesn’t love free swag??!?!

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