BeachBody coach Edmonton

WHAT…. Super Sunday Edmonton??

BeachBody Super Sunday in Edmonton was a BLAST !!!

I am going to be honest with you all!

I wasn’t going to go to the Edmonton BeachBody Super Sunday but then a good friend and fellow coach of mine called me and snapped me out of it and thank goodness! How could I call myself a leader of an amazingly huge team of 113 coaches (when you are reading this) if I wasn’t practising what I was preaching about getting to Super Sunday! 

Edmonton BeachBody Coaches Canada

So off I went to Super Sunday!!

  • There were Canadian BeachBody coaches of all different body shapes and sizes!
  • There were Canadian BeachBody coaches of all different fitness levels!
  • There were Canadian BeachBody coaches that were males and coaches who were female
  • There were professionals, there were students , stay at home parents, there were coaches from ALL walks of life
  • There were Edmonton BeachBody coaches who had just started their journey and coaches who have been on their journey for years 
  • There were Edmonton BeachBody coaches who were Emerald Ranks, and coaches all the way up multiple star diamond rank! 

But ALL the coaches were encouraging of one another, supportive, and eager to share their knowledge to help others succeed! It was an absolutely incredible day all around <3 <3 

Our big speaker was flown in, he has been a BeachBody  coach for ONLY 4 years and actually just crossing the start of his 4th year. Within 14 months of starting his journey as a BeachBody coach he was able to step away from his JOB and retire his wife along with supporting this 3 small beautiful children! He was able to do all of this because he shared his passion for a healthy lifestyle and encouraged other people to join in! Thats it! I am Not going to share his income with you all because then I have to do a HUGE income disclaimer but lets just say that after 4 solid years of building with helping people achieve a lifestyle of health & wellness he is making more in a few months than the average Canadian yearly salary! I am not telling you this to brag, I am telling you this just so you know what is possible as a BeachBody Coach :)

He now has the freedom to inspire 1000’s of more people to change their lifestyle, he has the freedom to watch his children grow up and be there ever moment with them, he now has the freedom to never worry about his bills again, he has the freedom to look & feel his absolute best from being a coach and sticking to a health lifestyle… he has freedom! 

Edmonton BeachBody Coaches Canada

I have been on cloud 9 since this amazing event! My partner in crime, good friend and fellow Edmonton BeachBody Coach Nicole made this amazing video on Edmonton BeachBody Super Sunday!

Such a fun filled day! I am so excited and cannot wait for more events like this!!!

Like always for those of you who are interested in learning about this awesome awesome awesome opportunity reach out to me, I would LOVE to share with you my journey with being a BeachBody coach and how it has drastically changed my life and the lives of many others who have join me in this incredible journey of a healthy life

BeachBody Coaches Edmonton Canada

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