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Piyo Canada

New Canadian Emerald BeachBody Coach!!!

Another New Canadian Reaching Emerald Status in BeachBody!!!

I am so excited and so proud to be announcing our newest Canadian Emerald BeachBody Coach Nicole Serrao!!!!

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Nicole is not only a fellow beachbody coach, she is one of my besties and I am so unbelievably proud of her.

It’s has been absolutely incredible watching her journey with BeachBody this far. She is an amazing leader (as we all know from her awesome videos/ posts), so determined, great motivator, and truly does have biggest heart for everyone!!! I love being on this journey with you, bouncing ideas off each other, and building our businesses together!

Congratulations girl!!! I am so excited to be welcoming you as an Emerald BeachBody Coach and I am so excited to be announcing you as a Ruby & Diamond VERY SOON!! <3 <3  You are amazing!!!

Does becoming a coach interest you?? Send me a message on Facebook and let’s chat!!

Piyo Canada

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