How To Manifest Good Things Into Your Life – Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Good Things Into Your Life

Have you every wondered and thought about all those “lucky” people in life and wish you could have the life that they have or the possessions that they have? Their houses, their vacations, their clothing, their handbags, their confidence, their bodies, their hair, they vehicles, their vacation homes … Just think of everything you have ever wished you had of someone else’s.

Repeat this after me: “What is possible in the world is possible for me.”

Law Of Attraction

What if I told you there was no “luck” and it was simply all about your body, mind, and soul being in alignment with each other?

Law of attraction will take you in when there isn’t any resistance holding you back, isn’t that pretty neat? So the next question is how do you eliminate that resistance from holding you back and how do you get your body and mind in alignment with each other?

First we need to eliminate resistance in our body and mind to allow the law of attraction to play in our lives. You can literally manifest anything into your life when you have zero resistance, it is truly amazing! All those “lucky” people have learned, and become masters at this skill.

Here is exactly what you need to do to master these skill so that the LOA will work for you: Close your eyes, get into a relaxing place and listen to this teaching of Abraham. Listen to it over and over and over again until you are able to soak it in without resistance. The first time you will listen, you will most likely have a block up and resistance, keep listening and believing and eventually your resistance will be gone. You WILL feel like a new person, full of belief, hope,and the ability to conquer the world and your throughs will become things right in front of your eyes. This process may not happen over night, in a day or in a mont h.. but keep listening and your resistance will magically disappear.

Re-read and believe this quote “What is possible in the world for any other human being is possible for me.”


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