How Can You Get In Shape From Home

This is a question I get asked time and time again “How can I get in shape from home”

Getting in shape and losing weight from home can be easy AND it can be extremely hard all at the same time!!

How is that possible?

I used to be a gym rat. 4:30 in the am I would get up, slip on my gym clothes, slid into my shoes, jump into my car and head out the door to the gym! The morning hard workout always gave me energy, and got my morning started right.

But like ALOT of women out there… after a hard workout you now need to have a shower, do your hair, make sure you bring all your work clothes, hair products ect and get ready for work at the gym. Let alone the 30 minute commute I was taking to the gym in the morning!

One of the common problems people come to me with is “I don’t like working out in front of people!” This is very normal and so many people share those feelings, heck even I did but I’d pop in my ear phones and just giver’ but I know there are a lot of people who just can’t!

… because of those things I gravitated to home workouts. In the beginning I was a little skeptical, if I wasn’t I don’t think that would be normal. but coming from a gym rat it was a hard decision for me to make but I took the plunge and been going strong for a year now!

So The question : How Can I Get In Shape From Home Still Hasn’t Been Answered

To get in shape from home you MUST

  1. Have a program that YOU KNOW has given people results
  2. Have a dedication and SLOTTED time to workout each day no matter what
  3. Have a support group of people, whether that is an online group or your best friends or your children’s friends’ parents
  4. Be dedicated to your nutrition and follow a meal plan 80% of your body comes from your nutrition for your body
  5. You must WANT to change
  6. You must eliminate ALL excuses
  7. You must JUST DO IT!
  8. Get a coach to help you along the way

When you have a good program with proven results you will be guaranteed you’ll get results IF you put in the work and stay focused. The key to home workouts is staying focused and motivated to getting them done to the end.

I recommend support groups to everyone. Each month I run 2 support groups of about 10 people in each group. The participants have time and time again said that these groups have literally made them successful. The support from these complete strangers will help keep you motivated and inspired to push forward, in a friendly and safe environment. They are filled with people of every body shape and size!

My recommendation to you if you are committed to getting in shape

  1. Get an awesome program
  2. Find a support group of people working hard to reach their personal goals
  3. Find a coach who will help you along the way.

Another reason I LOVE home workouts is because you can take them anywhere. I am living in Mexico for the next 4 week and have been here for a week already and still able to ‘press play’ each day to stay in shape and I can easily check in with my support groups as long as there is a wifi connection, how great is that?

I post pics everyday of my journey in Mexico and my workouts! If you’d like to follow simply like my fan page and reach out to me when ever you’d like! I love to hear form my followers and fans <3 <3



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