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Do You Love Your Body?

Do you LOVE your body?



























So many woman, myself included, are easy to say the things we don’t like about our bodies… but why? We are all beautiful people, with many beautiful qualities about our selves and should be celebrating our beauty

My girlfriend posted this article and it really got me thinking! When was the last time I said nice things about my body and appreciated my body? When was the last time you sat there and thought about how beautiful you are and appreciated your body? What do you love about your body? (Get ready to list them below and don’t be shy)

Day 1 ‪#‎loveyourbody‬ is Conquering the Mirror .

Afraid of the mirror? Don’t be! Our bodies are amazing machines when you really think about all that it does. It definitely doesn’t get enough love! What do you love about your body? (Head over to my facebook and post on this exact post, lets give your beautiful bodies credit for how amazing them truly are and help other women celebrate theirs!!)

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