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Deanna Emerald BeachBody Coach

Canadian BeachBody Coaches are TAKING OVER!!!!!!

This team is ON FIRE!!!! Canada BeachBody Coaches ROCK

So Thursdays are the day in the Team BeachBody community that

  1. We Can Celebrate Rank Advancements of our Coaches
  2. The days that we get paid for all living a health life and inspiring others to make those changes in theirs as well!

This Thursday I have A LOT to be grateful for. My Canadian BeachBody team is ON FIRE and there are no signs of slowing down for them, this makes my heart sing!

Every time a BeachBody Coach gets paid, or advances in rank it is because they have Helped another individual on their health & fitness journey, is there anything more rewarding than that?!!! Seriously!!!


There are 2 things in this business that really FIRE ME UP as a Canadian BeachBody Coach

  1. When I get a message from someone who I am helping on their weight loss journey telling me how incredible they feel because of that decisions they made to make a huge change in their life
  2. When my coaches earn rank advancements because of the lives they are changing!

I usually am not a mushy emotional person but this really makes my heart sing.

So let’s get on to the rank advancements for my coaches this week!!! I am so unbelievably proud of each of them  :)


Deanne Emerald BeachBody Coach






Congrats Deanna – all the way from P.E.I!!! Congrats new Emerald Canada BeachBody Coach! When Deanna decided to approach me about  BeachBody Coaching last week she was nervous to hit the “join button” but she did and a week later she is springing up to the top of the leaderboard. Deanna works full time but has a passion for health & fitness and lives over an hour away from the nearest gym so BeachBody coaches was right for her. In her first week she has inspired 8 others to join her on her fitness journey. So proud of you girl!!! You are such an amazing BeachBody Coach and I am so blessed to have you on my team.


Kara Emerald BeachBody Coach Canada











Huge congrats to my sister Kara from Alberta for starting on her health & fitness journey and inspiring those around her to do the same thing. So proud to announcing you as one of our newest Emerald coaches this week. So excited for you and what is to come as you continue along your journey with health & fitness and your life. Way to go 😀 You are such a great Canadian BeachBody Coach and so happy to have family on my team 😀


Shane New Emerald Canada BeachBody Coach






Last but not least Mr. Shane Kraemer originally from Ontario but now living in the beautiful Kelowna. Now this guy knows hard work!!! He has a full time job which is his passion but he also love health, fitness and nutrition. The second that he tried the BeachBody products he knew that he was going to become a coach on our team. Within his second week he sprung up to become an Emerald BeachBody Coach on our Canadian team and has so far helped change 6 peoples lives and his own through helping them on their health & fitness journey. Way to go Shane!!! You are so close to becoming a Diamond Canada BeachBody coach. I am so blessed to have you join our team, I have learned so much from you in the short while you have been with us and look forward to expanding my knowledge. You are such a great BeachBody coach !!!


HUGE congrats to all of our other coaches who are working hard each and every day! Without coaches to keep people motivated and accountable to their health & fitness not as many people would be seeing results <3 <3


Cheers to a Happy and Heathy Canada!!!!

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