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3 Key Elements You Need To Start Your Fitness Journey!

I have been in the exact same spot that a lot of you reading my blog post are.

You so badly want to get into shape, increase your energy levels, feel healthier, and look good in that swim suit but you struggle with what you need to do to get started!

The first thing most people do is RUN to the gym to get a membership… in my opinion this is not the best option unless you are VERY dedicated and know what you are getting in to.

Yesterday I popped into the World Health Gym in Sherwood Park to see if I could try their gym out for one workout. Before choosing a gym you need to make sure it feels good for you! To be honest I haven’t been to the gym in years (I workout at home and teach virtual fitness), but I wanted to see what happens as you go through their process.

So firstly they make you sit down and go through their speech about the gym (I didn’t tell them I am a virtual fitness instructor) Next thing I know they were trying to sell me on their membership $199.99 for the Enrolment fee and then depending on the package $34.00/ biweekly with a 1 year contract!

Now the thing is most people quit before seeing results because the gym doesn’t offer these 3 key elements unless you pay top dollar for them (and you are out that money for the rest of the year! )

 3 Things You NEED  when starting your weight loss journey 

  1. Coach or a Mentor who can GET You to the results you desire. If you choose to go to the gym look for something who walks the walk and talks the talk! It is the same as would you go to a hair stylist with horrible unkept hair for your next colour and cut? If you are going to do the home workouts make sure you find something who has gotten results with their program and latch on to what they are doing
  2. Find a fitness program that will work for you. There are NO short cuts to getting in shape, you must put in the work. No magic pill, wraps, or fad diets will work. Talk to a coach or mentor and ask them what they think will be best for you. Make sure they ask you questions so they can match a program to you that will work the best.
  3. Understand the importance of healthy nutrition and how much you should be putting into your body so that you aren’t over eating or under-eating and starving your body for nutrients it needs. Your coach/ mentor should work along side with you to help you understand what you need to be eating.

Starting a new routine and lifestyle isn’t easy but it can be done, and I can say that with such conviction because I have done it. Not only have I done it I have watched many of my fitness challengers and fellow coaches change their lives. It all starts with one decision and that decision is to Do What Ever It Takes To Get Healthy!

My message to you is not to just jump on the bandwagon and run to the gym because that is where you think you need to go. Gyms are great but you can get started on your weight loss journey very effectively in other places… like the comfort of your own home! Find a coach or mentor, get them to help you with a program and your nutrition, and you will see results without the stressfulness that gyms can sometimes be.





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