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Lindy Week 1 21 Day Fix

End of Week 1 – Virtual Fitness Challenge Group Results

It is the end of week 1 and the beginning of week 2 and you all  know what that mean!!!


Weekly progress pictures are the best way for You to stay motivated and pushing for Your goals. Fitness is not a competition with anyone else, it a competition for you to be better than you were last week. Being better may mean being able to do 1 more rep, of holding a position for a few extra seconds or really squeezing into that muscle harder than you did the time before.

Your weekly pictures will show case all the hard work you have put in week after week to getting that body you have always wanted.

I have been on my body transformation journey for a year now and in the stages of tweaking, toning and defining. It has taken ALOT of sweat, determination, and PULLING myself off the couch to work out. My biggest struggles have been my mind telling me that I can do it another day, or that I can turn of my workouts half way through… but you can’t! I had to conquer my mind before I was seeing results.

My goal now is to really define my muscles and to help inspire others no matter where they are in their health and fitness right now to get started living a healthy life. Not only will your body transform but so does your mind and your energy levels as you progress. I had to start at the beginning to and so does everyone… and that is how I know you can do it!

Congrats to all the ladies in my challenge group for posting their week 1 pics, moving into week 2 we are really going to be pushing hard to see those amazing results. I am so proud of you all for the results you have gotten this far. WAY TOO GO.. Now LET’S GET WEEK 2 STARTED RIGHT 😀 😀 😀 – Yes I am a little bit excited!!!

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Lindy Week 1 21 Day Fix

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