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My Skeletons – Living With Ulcerative Colitis

I used to think being 27 living with Ulcerative Colitis was the worst thing, but it’s far from that!

I have been fortunate enough (no sarcasm, I will get to that later) to be passed the gene of Ulcerative Colitis from my mother who was passed it from my Grandmother.  Ulcerative Colitis seems to be passed through the woman in my family.

I have had my fair share of experiences with this disease over the years. I have been encouraged to write a book of the good, the bad, and the shitty! I am still thinking about it, and putting everything into order.

Being diagnosed was the worst thing I can remember, I thought this was it my life was ruined.. little did I realize my life was actually saved.

For year upon years I was not able to get it under control to the point on one of my more recent visits my doctor at the time informed me that the only thing that could be done was for me to have surgery and remove the diseased part of my colon… this sounded fun!

I started to panic at the thought of surgery. My mother and grandmother both have have surgery and I really didn’t want to go down that road… this was when I began my quest of changing my body from the inside out.


How Having Ulcerative Colitis Saved My Life

I like to think of myself as a very optimistic person who looks for the best in every situation. But to be completely honest there was a time that this disease made me depressed, I was so sick and tired or feeling sick and tired…. nothing I ever did seemed to help. I was always on the heaviest dose of drugs the Doctor could prescribe to try and control my Ulcerative Colitis. I was in and out of the hospitals more times in a few years than people would be their entire life.  But … now I can definitely say that having his diseased saved my future life.

After hearing from the doctors that the next step was surgery I frantically began to research the body and most specifically diet and nutrition.   Throughout all my research I came to learn the importance the food we consume plans in our health. This wasn’t a new concept to me however I guess I didn’t fully understand the magnitude that nutrition played.. At this point I realized that ALOT of diseases out there can improve with the aid of anti-inflammatory foods ( these do NOT include cheeseburgers, red meats, dairy products, sugar, pop ect)

After reading all about foods and how they affect our bodies and inflammatory levels I cut out almost Everything … COLD TURKEY.. and all my friend out there know I was a little addicted to some of these things ha ha! Eliminating all these no good food for ANYONE but especially people living with an Inflammatory Disease is the key to a healthy(er) life.

Things that I eliminated

  1. Sugars!!!
  2. Soda
  3. Alcohol
  4. Fast Food
  5. Packaged Foods
  6. Microwavable Foods
  7. Nuts – hard to digest
  8. Spicy Foods
  9. Anything deep fried
  10. Sugary fruit juices

It was hard! I purged out my cupboards. I felt like my body was sicker than ever for a few days, but this ended up being the start of the biggest body detox for me and the beginning of my healthy life

I make everything from scratch now, and eat a very simplistic but balanced diet. If I can’t read the ingredients on the back of a package I will not purchase it. Simple as that! Each mouthing I have shake, I read that it is good for to give your digestion a break everyone in awhile from the hard work we make it do so each morning I have a yummy, nutritional shake for breakfast.

I have NEVER in my life been healthier. I have so much energy, I don’t have any side effects of my UC, my skin glows, my hair is thick and healthy, I lost few inches and pounds, and my body is healthier than ever… I look and feel fabulous!

Why I say having UC Saved My Life

I can honestly tell you that if I was never diagnosed with UC and had the amount of problems I did, I would have never sought out a healthier lifestyle. I would heave continued eating garbage goods, filling my body with pointless calories that ultimately leads to fatigue, weight gain, depression, and allows an environment for more diseases to set in and thrive… most likely the reason I WAS ALWASY SICK !


sample meal with ulcerative Colitis


  1. In the morning I have a Shakeology Shake – For me giving my body 1 meal per day that was liquified has aided in digestion. Prior to drinking Shakeology I did a lot of research on the ingredients and it seemed like it was exactly what I needed to add into my body to for nutrients. Everything is natural, filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients, and packed full of nutrients.
  2. Am Snack – rice cake with ALL NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER ( skip the Kraft, it is PACKED with sugar)
  3. Lunch – chicken breast, with garlic powered or cajon powder on top of a spinach salad with a tsp of italian low fat dressing or sometimes lime juice
  4. PM snack – 2 cuts of frozen veggies heated up
  5. Chicken Breast with a vegetable side.
  6. Night Snack – apple and peanut butter or 3 ingredient oatmeal cookies ( Recipe on my blog last month)
  7. 1 Protein shake with berries in the mid day.

Before I eliminated ALL the unhealthy garbage from my life there is no way I would have been able to even eat vegetable or oatmeal without it causing a lot of problem.

If you are someone who is living with an inflammatory disease I encourage you to look into what you are eating each and ever day, do some research on what those foods are actually doing to your body and if you feel like it may be causing some hard then eliminate it and save yourself the grief. I am such an advocate for healthy and clean eating after what it has done for my body.

Replace all that junk with healthy nutrients that your body needs to thrive and eliminate inflammation. I can’t make any claims about Shakeology that it will work for you but I can 100% that is has done amazing things for my health and the health of many of my friends and family. I have become a rep for the company because I believe in it that much. Whether you are struggling with Ulcerative Colitis like I was or any other disease and want to know in depth please take a moment to check out all the information below.

You will be amazed at what happens to your body when you feed it proper nutrients to help it thrive not just survive! If any one has any questions about my journey, or just wants to chat about what they are going through you can always reach out to me on FB or though email – both can be found on my contact me page.

The great thing about Shakeology is it comes in many great flavours so you can never get bored. I have tried some yucky shakes over the years but I really enjoy this one. On their website they have many recipes for goodies you can make. I sometimes crave cookies or unhealthy treats so what I do it find a great recipe and make it using Shakeology i.e: no bake cookies, or pudding! – trick your mind into thinking it is unhealthy :)

To find out all the ingredients and to do some research for yourself as to if Shakeology is good for you please visit

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