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Never Grow Up

Peter Pan Was Right By Never Wanting Grow Up

As I get older I understand why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.

As a child we are fearless, we are excitable, the world is an exiting place and the simplest things in life make up unbelievably happy.

Today was one of those days for me. I feel like I’m a 27 year old child and to be honest I NEVER plan on growing up!!

I am very fortunate to have a lifestyle that allows me to let my inner child shine when ever I choose, whether it’s like today and we head out first thing on a Monday morning while everyone else is sleeping or maybe it’s a Sunny Wednesday afternoon.

I have been wanting to go to the Kangaroo Farm to play with the kangaroos and other 4 legged friends since we moved to Kelowna. Having such a fun, and adventure filled summer thus far we haven’t had the chance but today was we did.

The alarm went off at 7am, i’m not going to lie I was a little grouchy from waking up to an alarm clock but I was so fully of happiness and life 30 minutes later when we arrived at the Kangaroo Farm in Winfield (between Kelowna and Vernon)

I was in pure bliss! It was amazing watching others in the farm and the joy these little creatures brought to their faces – Old and young their inner children were coming out, and it was awesome.

If you are travelling to Kelowna and area I would highly recommend stopping at this farm for an hour or two. It is free admission but they greatly appreciate donations to help keep the farm thriving <3 Dig deep, it is worth it :)

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