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Sweaty Selfie

Kicked Some Burn It Up Butt Tonight – Got a Sweaty Selfie for Proof!!!

Happy SATURDAY !!!!! Kicked some #burnitup butt tonight and I have a sweaty selfie to prove it 

I can honestly say that the hardest part of this oldie but goodie workout is trying to keep up with the instructors!! I am a little competitive but sometimes have to stop and take a breather, and thats okay!!!

I sometimes have to remind myself that progress does not happen over night but it truly is all the little step you have taken to get to where you are Right now!! When I first began Burn it Up I could Barely finish the hour work out; now I cruise though the workout and am able to keep up… not a chance last week!!!

Small steps moving forward will always win the race. You may look at yourself in the mirror and think “GOSH I don’t have nay results yet, Why isn’t this working, I can’t keep up to the workouts.” But the truth is you probably feel a lot better, your energy levels have increased, your skin is glowing, you possibly could have lost an inch or two, and maybe even some weight.

When we are the person looking at ourselves every day sometimes it is hard to see progress and easy to get down on ourselves but when you take a step back and look at all the small actions you have done over an allotted amount of time you will realize how much Progress we have made . The moment your realize what you have accomplished so far is such an incredible feeling.

Hold on to that feeling you got when you saw how far you have already come. That’s the feeling that is going to keep you pushing forward when your mind is telling your otherwise!!

Kick those negative thoughts to the ground, sit back and really look at the small actions you have taken, and your progress thus far and give yourself a big pat on the back (I know that sounds silly but seriously, you are a lot further than you were a week ago, a month ago, or even a year ago and That is something to be proud of!!

Have a vision for your health and fitness, be determined! Kick negative thoughts to the curb and remember you are DESTINED to be the person YOU ENVISION that you WANT TO BE!

~Decide – Commit – Succeed~

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Sweaty Selfie

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