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BeachBody Diamond

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody!!!

Wow! I am beyond excited to officially say that I am a Diamond in BeachBody!!

I started my journey on June 17th 2014, and exactly 2 months later I was a Diamond with the amazing company BeachBody. Our ranking changes don’t take place until the following Thursday so I had to hold off on my excitement until today… it was tough!!!

I have an absolutely incredible team of coaches who I wouldn’t have reached this rank without, so thank you to you all :)

I am truly on cloud 9 right now!


What is a BeachBody Diamond?

BeachBody Diamond


A BeachBody Diamond is someone who has personally helped 8 people in their quest to become healthy  and the best version of themselves.


At least 2 of your coaches, 1 on each leg,  have reached out and helped 2 people of their own on their journeys to a more healthy life.


And thats it, you are a Diamond!!!!



Average Income of A Diamond in BeachBody?

Average Income of a BeachBody Coach

As you can see being a BeachBody Coach and helping others on their way to achieving their health & fitness goals can be very lucrative. These are stats from a few years ago, 2010

Emerald – meaning you have 2 people under you is an average $215.00 extra per month with the highest being $58,000

Ruby – meaning you have 4 personal sponsored coaches and 2 of them are emeralds. You may roughly $827.00 per month

Star Diamond – meaning you are a diamond and have helped your coaches become diamond. The average earnings are $7,843.00 per month.  If you are a 2 star Diamond that means you have 2 diamonds under you, 3 star you have three diamonds under you! The more stars, the more people you have helped and the better your income.

Not bad for a side income :)

These are just averages, you can make ALOT more or you can also make less as a BeachBody coach.

My mentor in the business wrote this on my Facebook wall this morning, this was an incredible way to start my day<3

Please add me to facebook to follow along my journey or reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you

BeachBody Diamond Diamond BeachBody Coach


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