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How I Retired At 26

Retired at 26! When I tell people these words it’s still shocking to my ears!


Growing up, we always hear people tell us to get a good job and stay there for 40 + years until they are able to retire.

But that doesn’t have to be like that … read my post right to the end and you will discover how I was able to retire at 26 years old.

August 9th 2013 was the date I officially packed up my office, walked out, and had a huge party with friends and family. I just accomplished something that many people accomplish when they are 50 – 60 years old… FREEDOM

I absolutely love networking and meeting new people, and the question always comes up “What do you do for a living?” First off why do we ask this, why are we letting what we do for a living define us? Secondly when I answer that I don’t work anymore everyone seems to like I come from an extremely wealthy family , or that I won the lottery… neither which are 100% accurate!

The truth is, I WORKED for it!


Firstly do you know and Fully Understand what network marketing is? I know what is going through your head “OMG it’s a scam, it’s a pyramid thing… RUN…” Well the truth is, if network marketing were any of the thoughts in your head right now woul

  • Would Warren Buffet be involved in 2 network marketing companies?
  • Would Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) actively be teaching that the businesses of the 21st century are network marketing companies?
  • Would the governments of Canada and the United States deem some of the  companies legal businesses ( only companies I work with)  if they were a pyramid or a scam?

So before you pass judgement and immediately look away make sure you know exactly what network marking is and what network marketing isn’t

IMG_0426… But yes you are correct in the fact that there are bad business out there! That is why it is Very important before starting

with a network marketing company that you do your research thoroughly and if the governments haven’t officially allowed the company you are looking into in the country I would steer clear – but that’s just my personal opinion :)

Anyways so December 2012 I Started looking for something other than my job. Around this time I had a lot going on with my family and I realized that your employer doesn’t truly care… you still have number to hit and company goals to hit! For me personally I hold my family and friends very near and dear to me and they always come first so I needed to find something that allowed this to happen.

I had researched and researched and it looked like I needed to start learning the skill set of online marketing, so I did just that. Feb 2013, I invested over $7,000 in my online marketing training, I listened and followed along with what leaders in the industry were doing

and I mimicked EXACTLY what they were going, why re-invent the wheel right? – because I invested in this education I can share everything I know with those I work with! Network marketing is literally all about people helping people, thats why I am so passionate about it. 

IMG_10016 months later I stepped away from my job and a month after that Tanner and I began travelling. Our first stopped was Bali and we submerged ourselves in their culture for 3 amazing months. Half way through our trip we flew for a week vacation in Florida to meet up with some friends. December 2013 we came home for Christmas and shortly after we headed to Big White ski resort to live on the slopes for 3 months. Came home for a month to check on our rental houses and do some landscaping for our tenants.

I am able to live this amazing lifestyle because of network marketing, the business of the 21st century!!  For those of you who are reading my story and are inspired like this post and get in touch with me via facebook. I am telling you right now, if I Can do this so can you!! The coolest feeling for me is know the my friends both new and old that have started working with me are achieving the Exact same results I am… you know you are working with an incredible company when this is possible!

This isn’t a magic Get Rich Overnight thing, it will require work. But I can promise you that if you put in half as much energy and determination as I do you will be successful. I am not going to lie there were times that I wanted to Quite! There were times that I felt lost, and that I couldn’t do it, there were times that I second guessed myself… but I persevered!! I can’t image now what life would be like if I a) had never given this a chance in the beginning b) if I had quite – that actually scares me a lot thinking about it.

10577211_812493525451098_5624580083087731972_n I work directly with 2 couples who are also both retired young because of the network marketing industry along with many single friends, or people who only have one spouse building a network marking business.

But these 2 couples and I have been working so hard over the last month to devise a step by step plan for people achieving what we have in less time than we did.  We have made a blue print that we all followed to become successful and if you follow it as well so will you. We have worked hard to try to eliminate all of the struggles we went through, so people who want to work with us don’t have to go through those struggles.

I am 27 years old now, 26 when I retired, and life just keeps on getting more amazing. 

There are absolutely No secrets to becoming a successful network marketer. Actually there is one secret and it is to work with a company that will allow all your dreams to come true. Absolutely everyone I know who is actively building a business  with the company I align myself with has become successful, it has been absolutely incredible to watch!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, I promise I don’t bite :)

In Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Lindy (retired at 26)


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  1. Such an inspiring story Lindy! You have worked hard and strategically to be able to retire at 26 and I cannot wait to see what your world looks like after 2 years of retirement! :)

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