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Become A BeachBody Coach In Canada

Becoming a BeachBody Coach in Canada

BeachBody has come to Canada! Are You Ready To Become A Coach?

Become A BeachBody Coach In Canada
Become A BeachBody Coach In Canada










On August 22nd 2014, BeachBody will officially be launched into Canada!!!! 

As a fellow Canadian ,originally from Edmonton Alberta and living in Kelowna, I could’t be more thrilled to have BeachBody officially open their coaching program and business opportunity to millions of Canadian residence!!!

Team Beachbody coaching will officially be opening their doors in a few short weeks of me writing this post. But you can get involved right now, before the masses do!! – continue reading

There are many companies out there that you can choose to work with that are probably great companies. But I can tell you  first hand  BeachBody Coaching (Another name for distributor or rep) is who you want to be partnering up with.

BeachBody has been around and serving North America since 1998, we must be doing something right 😉 The Canadian Health Board has gone through all of our products to ensure they are healthy & safe and meet all the Canadian Health Board Standards. This process takes years to complete, and it is finally completed.. and we passed with flying colours!!!

Drinking Shakeology after an intense but awesome BeachBody workout! .. feels good
Drinking Shakeology after an intense but awesome BeachBody workout! .. feels good

So What Do I Do As A Team BeachBody Coach?

As a Canadian Team BeachBody Coach I do many things fun and exciting things but to build my business this is what I do (I have more information on my website tabs )

  • Personally Use Shakeology and Our Fitness Programs like the insanity or P90X
  • I recommend products and shakeology to people when the opportunity arises
  • I invite people to our Teams Challenge Groups (our team teaches how to do this :) )
  • I build a team, I invite people who I think would benefit from the BeachBody Business Opportunity of becoming a Coach – and all they do is duplicate what I listened above. – My team ends up becoming like a family to me, we talk all the time, help each other out, and when we actually get to meet in real life it feels like we have know each other for years <3
  • I do this mainly through social media

Benefits of Becoming a BeachBody Coach in Canada

these benefits are the same for BeachBody Coaches in the United States

  1. You receive 25% off the products, Shakeology & Programs that you purchase
  2. You receive 25% commissions from products that are sold through your websites – if you choose to retail, we have ALOT of people who join as a coach only to receive 25% off their monthly orders and that is completely okay
  3. We have a VERY lucrative business opportunity
  4. We are an ESTABLISHED company that has been around since 1998 – not a fly by night, or a company that is going to fizzle out
  5. Our company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on adverting for us
  6. People already LOVE our products
  7. You get as much free training as you possibly would want from BeachBody
  8. You will be on the ground floor before the masses get started after August 22nd, when you start hearing about Beachbody everywhere – Yippie!!!

Why Join Me and Team AWOL

  1. Our team is one of the fastest growing in Canada, which means you will have all the support necessary to become a successful BeachBody Coach.
  2. I will show you exactly how I built my BeachBody business through social media
  3. I will teach you (this is 100% optional and not a requirement) how to put together a website aside from the 3 Beachbody give you. I teach this because it is what help You stand out form all of the other BeachBody Coaches.
  4. I will plug you into our private Facebook Groups, where you will get 24/7 support from other coaches throughout North America
  5. I will be there to help you when ever you need.
  6. To Join Our Team Click Here

I would be honoured to have you join my team. If you aren’t convinced yet that BeachBody Coaches is for you then please take a moment to reach out to me via “connect with me” at the top of my website. Please snoop around I have a lot of BeachBody Coaching information and information about the BeachBody Business Opportunity on my website. 

Become A Team BeachBody Coach in Canada or the United States 

In Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Your BeachBody Coach Lindy

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