Who Reads Your Blog Posts ?

Who Reads Your Blog Posts?

I recently watched a YouTube training video put together by one of my 7 figure mentors on blogging  and why it is very beneficial to all home bakes business  builders. I find it kind of crazy, coming from a marketing back ground,  that a lot of people have the mentality  “oh who will read my content or who will watch my youtube videos?”

And this got me thinking…

Who reads my blog posts? Who Watches My youTube Videos?

I have over 300 follows on my blog, 1000’s of comments and and thousands of post likes… but what are those people typing into google to come to my site?

I was chatting with a good friend of mine who is also a very successful business builder and she introduced me to Google Network Tools – and this only works on self hosted blogs as you need to verify the ownership of your blog / website.

I was absolutely shock by my stats!

The majority of the key words that people type into google have to do with “making money from home, making money online, home based businesses, or  BeachBody”

WAHOO!!! This is such awesome news for me to find out. I have been a home based business builder since January and stepped away from my job August 9th 2013 so this was great to hear that people who are looking to build a home based business or make money from home or becoming BeachBody Coaches are finding me

As a business builder it is very beneficial to know the types of people that are organically coming to your blog. From there you can cater more of your posts to that type of person.

For me as a home based business owner it was AWESOME to know that the majority of people coming to my site were looking for home based business to work with and a leader to partner up with.

Pretty cool eh? – yes I am Canadian LOL !!

So who is reading your blog? Do you know how to use your blog and rank if for the key words that you choose?

What if you had a BeachBody home business like I do and you were getting people to sign up directly through your blog, how would that increase your business and your sales?

Which ever business you are runinUnknown-3g, it is extremely beneficial to have a blog and know who your readers are and begin to cater your content to them.

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