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Throw Out the Magic Pills If You Want to Lose Weight !

Throw out the magic pills if you actually want to lose weight and keep it off!

21 Days Ago I started my body transformation to get the body I once had back… 21 Days and down 7 inches.

The first week was HELL – I am not going to lie
Week 2 was better
Week 3 I have lost all cravings for ‘garbage’ food and only fuel my body with proper nutrients!

I have so much every, and wake up each and every morning with a new appreciation for health & wellness.

The best part is I did this al at home though a home workout !!! I sweat it out, Tanner lays behind me on the bed and laughs at how silly some of the moves too… but I just don’t care – this is getting me results!!

21 Days I am down 7 inches in today around my body. I have not lost any weight but that is completely fine with me. I would so much rather shrink in size, and be fit & healthy then lose a few pounds.. after all muscle weights more than fat … I am excited to see how toned my body is going to be after the next 21 Days!!!

There is no magic pill to weight loss, there is no magic diet to looking fit and toned… The only thing that works is actually putting in the work.

No matter where you are right now in your health & fitness journey, you can do it, and you can achieve the results you desire with a little bit of old fashioned elbow greasy and a good work out program!

For those who would like to know what I am doing to achieve these results PM and I will share my entire fitness program and healthy mean plan.

Here are my 21 Days results from getting down and sweaty!!

Who is ready to join me on their journey to getting fit?

To follow my journey, stay inspired towards your own weight lose goals, or to reach out to me please add me to Facebook, I would love to connect with you

DAY 21

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