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Julian Michaels

Day 21 – 6 Week Body Challenge Transformation

Hey everyone!

I apologize for my lack of posting this last week. It has been crazy around my house. West Kelowna was put into a state of emergency because of the fires but finally everyone is able to move back into their evacuated homes, then then past few days I have been feeling under the weather.

So here I am Day 21, wrap up of week 3 of my 6 week body transformation. You will have to wait until tomorrow for pictures to be put on.

Because of all the chaos it has been one of those weeks were my diet went out the window. I think that has a lot to play with me feeling under the weather. Once all that naughty food is out of your system it really shocks it when you eat it stuff like McDonalds, Chips and Cookies.

Tomorrow will be my official update with pictures :)

Here is a great message from one of the Top Dogs in Beach Body, enjoy the read it is 100% the truth


Julian Michaels

Great Post from Melissa Mcallister – TRUTH!

If you are a fan of Jillian Michaels, do you NOT have more admiration and respect for her knowing that she wasn’t always fit?

Imagine if she was FIRST a contestant on The Biggest Loser and then a Trainer…OMG, would she be more approachable and relatable!

I want to speak to you out there that think you first have to be “Fit” to be a coach. I hear it all the time and although once I get the opportunity to talk with that person one-on-one, I can open their eyes…I thought I’d scream it from the FB mountaintop today!

I’ve been fit most of my adult life and believe it or not that makes the people I want to help the most the least likely to reach out to me.

People are inspired by watching others commit and progress to “Fit!” Admit it, if you knew I was 50 pounds heavier 5 years ago…you’d be more apt to ask me for help to lose 20 pounds!

I think coaching is misunderstood. Sure, fitness professionals incorporate it into their business but the MOST successful coaches are people who are sick of failing and want that accountability and support the coaching network offers: fun fitness, great nutrition and KICK ASS support!

You start with YOU and as you reach those milestones, you inspire others. Let’s face it, people LOVE the underdog and those people become the Heroes!

Be someone’s Hero…we need more out there! Become a coach…start with YOU (and me there every step of the way) and just see where it takes you! I’m betting it’s more than just a few pounds lighter!

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