abcabcabdd The Results Are In… Down 5.5 Inches in 2 Weeks.. It’s Been HELL ;) – LindyJordan
End of Week 2

The Results Are In… Down 5.5 Inches in 2 Weeks.. It’s Been HELL ;)

Holla 😛

I am a little chipper this morning. We are going into a VERY hot heat waive in Kelowna with temperatures upwards of 40C. It is 8:23 in the am and already feels like it could of hit it’s peak :S

Yesterday was the wrap up for week 2 for my 6 week fitness challenge. I finished strong, despite a few days where I had to muster up Every ounce of energy I possibly could to get through it.

I can finally say that the CRAVING are 100% gone!!! YIPPIE… that was by far the hardest thing for me. But now I can walk into a grocery store and not want to devour everything I see, I can control the mood swings that comes from ‘detoxing’ all the bad stuff in your system


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Tanner and I have been travelling this last year and IT IS HARD eating properly and maintaining that level of fitness. We are bot on a mission to get our ‘prior’ retirement from the 9-5 bodies back!! It has been a challenge mentally for me thus far, so if you are struggling I can relate to Everything you are going though.

End of Week 2


 I was SHOCKED to see my wrap up of week 2 results… WEEK 2 really?!? THIS IS AWESOME!!

As much as I want to be jacked and back in shape tomorrow I have to keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built over night :)

I keep the scale hid until Monday mornings, along with the measuring tapes. I basically live in work out clothes of my bathing suit so it’s hard for me to gauge my progress through the week.

If these are my week 2 results … What and I going to look like in 6 week?!?! I am pretty stocked!

But these 2 weeks have been HELL. The workouts have been fine but I am addicted to eating, and Sugary foods.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 8.08.13 AM













HA HA I always take my pics first thing in the morning… even before I am bright eyes and bushy tailed.

This week I AM THE SAME WEIGHT AS LAST WEEK 130 lbs.. and that is completely OKAy with me… to be 100% honest with you WEIGHT and SCALES shouldn’t Matter… TRUTH! Muscle weights more than fat, so in the beginning of a new work out phase some people will gain wight in the first few weeks. This is normal!  What happens your body puts on muscle and still has the fat there, so there is the weight for both BUT as you keep going and you muscles become stronger you will start to burn that fat off. Muscle burns fat FAST!

That being said, if you aren’t seeing the results that you want or are discouraged because the scale is joining up. Don’t be! Once you muscles catch up they will be burning that fat like no bodies business :)

Even though I am still the same weight as I was 2 weeks ago by body has dropped 5.5 inches all around… isn’t the goal to look smaller and shrink 😉

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