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Week 2 Challenge Wrap Up – Tomorrow July 14th

Hey gang!

I am so pumped going in to tomorrow’s weight ins and measurements!

If you are new to my journey I am on a 6 week total body transformation. So far I feel absolutely incredible !

I am not going to lie or sugar coat it at all, week one was HELL. I am highly addicted to sugar LOL and quoting cold turkey and eliminating every bit of sugar from my diet was not very pretty.

It took about a week for my body to realize what the heck was going on and when that happened I started to feel amazing. My energy levels have increased, the way I feel about my self has definitely improved and my hair/nails/ skin is looking better than ever.

I thought this little meme was hilarious, take a quick peak at it LOL – good right?











Every Monday I post by before and afters along with Exactly what I did that week for exercise, and food

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