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High way to Hana – The Most Spectacular Drive I Have Ever Been On

I Survived the highway to Hana !

If you have been on this higway you know exactly what I mean! There were times where the highway went down to one lane but you have to pass someone, rocks falling off the side of the hills, a highway so narrow when you look down you can’t even see the road — yep this is the highway to Hana!

But one of the most spactacular drives I have ever taken

The highways meander along side the ocean. Along the way there are many water falls, canyons, interesting trees such as the rainbow eucalyptus, lush dense green forest.

After about 3 hours we arrived in Hana, ate at a hotel restaurant where they change $5,000 per night to stay and continued around the island.

Past Hana was marked in red, which means if something happened to your vehicle or you got into any sort of trouble it would cost you A LOT of money to get help. On this stretch of the highway there is no cell phone service and if your car is damaged your rental insurance is void! – you sign a waiver when you rent the car.

……But we headed out anyways!

Along this stretch of the highway many famous people have homes, including Oprah who bought a huge chunk of land just to perserve the beauty of Hana and stop the development in this area – isn’t that incredible?

We couldn’t have asked for a better day to embark on this 12 hour trip! The day ended perfectly when we stopped at a local winery, where we bought some yummy passion fruit wine! (I am not certain that this bottle will make it home :) )

I would highly recommend anyone that is in Maui do the highway to Hana. To be 100% honest with you, I didn’t find the road to be bad at all; after everything I heard from people prior I was expecting something really bad…. or maybe I am just used to these types of highways after living in Bali for 3 months … either way it is breath taking and a must do while in Maui.


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