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Another Fabulous Work Week- working in paradise!!!

Another Fabulous Work Week- working in paradise!!!

Working is a little different this week…

The last 3 months my ‘office’ has been Big White in Kelowna where we have been skiing, dog sledding, sleigh riding, and having a blast….

This week my ‘office’ is the beautiful Kaanapali Maui!!! Off our deck we can see the humpback whales splashing in the ocean :)

Work this week will consist of : getting content, shooting some videos, writing some blogs, taking pictures, snorkelling with some giant sea turtles and tomorrow off snorkelling at Black Rock – where I am really hoping to see some white tip reef shark, sight seeing on our way to Hana, and of course working on my tan!

Creating a lifestyle free from alarm clocks and a tradition job is much easier than you think and I say that with such conviction because myself, my boyfriend and many of our friends around the world have been able to achieve the same results!

Add me to Facebook and send me a private message if you are interested in creating a lifestyle that you are in control of, one that you can free yourself from time & location

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