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A Whale Song

I have heard people talk about the whales song but have never heard

it and was under the impression it was only a sound that marine biologists heard… but boy was I wrong


We have been in Maui for 2 nights, soon to be 3 and we couldn’t have

picked a better season to come. Directly our front our condo we can see the massive,


beautiful hump back whales breaching in the water and playing with their young. 








Mating and birthing season is coming to an end within the next few weeks and the HumpBacks will move along to other waters. 

Today we went on a snorkel trip to swim with the turtles on our way back we could see the whales dancing all around us. While snorkeling on the reef tour, our guide mentioned that if you were able to dive down about 10 feet you could hear the whales song, so off I went, down about 10 feet and I could heard this beautiful noise. On our way back  the captain stopped the boat, true down an underwater microphone and we listened to the whales song for 10 minutes – 

WOW – breathtaking! Our marine biologist who can along on the trip said this was the best he has ever heard him sing- yes him! 

It is only the male whales who sing trying to woo a female humpback whale to mate and occasionally battle for her love. 

Yesterday we sat on our porch and watched a little tyke and his momma jump out of the water, splash their tails, and flip their flippers. 

If you have heard a whales song you know how beautiful this noise is, definitely one that is hard to forget. 

***Pictures are from Wikipedia, I did not bring my camera on this trip out to sea***


4 thoughts on “A Whale Song”

    1. Hey! Yes they say that whale season is coming to an end in the next few weeks but it starts at the end of January.. it is so amazing, you must add it to you bucket list :)


  1. Wow I would to hear this, animals really do make the most fascinating sounds. Travelling in Asia at the moment and have heard the most incredible insect, bird and animal noises. Even recorded some to play to a wildlife expert when I get chance. Love reading your blog.

    1. Where abouts in Asia are you travelling?

      When we were in Thailand last year we stayed in Hindu populated area, and wow was this incredible! At certain times during the day the monks break out in their songs and it echoes thought the area :)

      Great idea to record all the sounds to play for a wildlife expert. it would be a neat idea to make a song of all the noises you have heard, it may be relaxing to fall asleep to!

      I am so happy you love reading my blog :)

      Chat soon, and enjoy your travels in Asia! I hope you are having an incredible journey


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