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Do All Canadian’s Go Dog Sledding

Couldn’t have asked for a better day to do some sled doggin’…30cm of snow and blue skies

As we were walking to the dog sled kennels Tanner and I were laughing at all the Facebook status’s about the snow, and wishing it would go away.

Many people think we are cRaZy! The truth is I Never used to like winter but now when I know I can escape it at any second… or the fast that I don’t have to shovel, the snow and winter becomes enjoyable!

So back to yesterday, lol while everyone was complaining about the piles of snow spread across Canada and some areas of the United States Tanner and I were excited! The snow was going to make our expereince that much better!! Our photos, and go-pro footage will look phenominal… so off we went… dog sleddin!!

Now … I know a lot of American’s think that us Canadians ride on dog sleds all the time… but the truth is we don’t! This was the first time in my 27 years of existance that I have been on a dog sled LOL

Our experience began will interaction time with the dogs, what a fabolous experience. Each of the dogs had their own personality from shy & timid to eager & energetic and of course the two jealous old men! All in all the dogs were lovely, and if I could I would definitely take Manae home with me.. she was the timid and scared female that pulled at my heart strings!

Next on the list was harnessing the dogs, this was amazing! The moment the dog sled owner took the tarp off the sled all 20 something of the dogs went nuts! Jumping around, barking, wagging their tails.. it was almost as if they were saying “pick me. pick me!” I have never in my life seen dogs with so much energy, excitement and love for what they do.

Only 8 were chosen. The dog sled driver told Tanner and I that once the 4th dog was harnessed that we had to jump in the sled right away. The second the lead dog was harnessed they were gone and boy he couldn’t be more right.

The excitement was exuding out of the dogs, smiling, barking, jumping, wagging their tails… and the second the lead dog was harnessed the tone change.. IT WAS GAME TIME! and we were off!!!

All in all it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I have a whole new appreciation for working dogs after seeing how they are cared for, how much they truly love what they do, and how they are some of the friendliest dogs I have ever been around. It brought me so much joy to see how loving and passionate these dogs were!

Thank you Tanner for this Birthday gift, it was truly an experience I will never forget.

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