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3 Simple Rules in Life

3 Simple Rules in Life

Don’t be afraid to take steps forward.

Don’t be afraid of failure, or of what people think.

Move forward into the life that you truly want, get rid of the one that you don’t enjoy

What ever that dream life is you, just know it’s possible and the only thing that is holding you back from living it is You.

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8 thoughts on “3 Simple Rules in Life”

  1. Short and simple, but powerful and to the point! I have come to terms with each one of your rules, it is true. If we want it we must go after it. If I want to change my circumstances, then I must make that move forward, take the leap off the cliff and do it. God has given us all the power and free will to do whatever we want in life…it is all up to me to believe it and go after it. Great post Lindy!

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