Nothing is Impossible – Audrey Hepburn

Take Audrey Hepburns words of advise.

Next time you think something is Impossible break it down to

= I’m Possible

  • When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb he knew it was possible despite the amount of negativity around him. He changed the Impossible to = I’m Possible
  • When Steve Jobs said publically that he was going to creat a phone with one button everyone told him that was impossible but he thought other wise … impossible = I’m possible
  • When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone everyone thought he was nuts.. how could you possibly be able to talk to someone so far away?! It was Impossible, thankfully Alexander Graham Bell thought impossible was I’m Possible!

What I am trying to get at here is despite all the critiques and the negativity around them they changed their thinking. Instead of telling themselves it wasn’t possible they figured out a way to make it happen… simple as that, and thankfull they did or we wouldn’t be nearly as far ahead in the world as we are now.

You can take this lesson and use it for anything in your life.

I took this lesson and used it to create a lifestyle of abundance for myself and my future family, I never thought it was impossible to make money online, I thought “How was I going to make this possible!”

***If you want to do what I did and create a lifestyle of financial abundance then stop thinking about the word IMPOSSIBLE and change it to I’m Possible… once you have done that click on the photo of Audrey Hepburn and it will take you to my Blog where you will find lots of info on the company I affiliate with :)

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