The Key to Unlocking Your Success

Most people yearn to be successful at something. Whether it is owning your own business, in your chosen career, parenting, or being a pro at a certain sport.

But what is the key that makes some people successful and others not?

You hear stories often of people inventing something knew, becoming the top producer in their career which lead them to a raise, seeing someone else’s children grow up so proper, and people making it to the Olympics when they didn’t even graduate highschool.

How come certain people become successful in their particular areas but you don’t feel successful at anything?

The answer is simple..

And the answer is something you have to reach deep down within yourself to find.

But it all boils down to personal belief…

When you believe without any doubt that you are doing to do something, it will happen. If you have an idea for an invention but everyone else around your puts you down but you believe in it so much you will make it happen.

When you erase all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, your success will happen.

So what do you want to become successful at?

Do you want to own your own successful business? Then do it! The only thing that is holding you back is you and your belief. When you know what you want to do, be or become believe in yourself to find an answer. “I want to own a business, but I don’t have products or I can’t invent something” – like the old saying goes ‘when there is a will there is a way’. Believe without a doubt in your abilities to be successful at owning that business and you will find a way to make it happen.

Tips to breaking down the walls holding you back from your success

  1. Read books in the area that you want to build your success. Not one book a year. 1-2 books per week. Leaders are Readers. Did you know that CEO’s at top companies read between 1-2 books per week on personal development, success and business?
  2. Listen to audios on your way to work and from work. Fill your brain with positive and knowledgable information that is going to help move you forward. On average I listen to an hour audio per day, while I am doing chores, driving, or getting some marketing content out.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. This is the key to keep you moving forward and building the belief in yourself. You want to continuously be surrounded by people who are pushing you forward, and helping your achieve your goals and dreams. When you have negative people around you it sucks all your momenteum and brings your personal belief back down closer to when you began building yourself up
  4. Read the Magic – This is an amazing book! Follow it daily.
  5. Listen to guided meditations. I listen to Esther Hicks first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. Her mediations are one of the largest contributing factors to my  personal success. If you scroll back a few posts on my blog you will find a direct link to one of her mediations.

The keys that I laid out above are what has helped me achieve the success I have in my life. Before I started practising these 5 steps I couldn’t understand why success was happening all around me but not to me… but it all boiled down to my own self belief.

So now let me ask you, who holds the key to your success?

Success is in each and every one of us, you just have to connect with your innerself to achieve it… You Deserve It.

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