What is A Community ?!

Is a community the place where you live, the neighbourhood you grew up in?

Is a community the people that you work with?

Or does a community dig into something further than both of those?

Is a community a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals?

Let me know in the comments What A Community Means To You? – I have a feeling it is going to be very unique :) 

When I think of a community I think of the group of people I share a common attitude with, the people I share interests with outside of work, and people who share the same goals as I do in my life.

A community should help you move forward in your life, whether you belong to that soccer community, book club community, or a community of online entrepreneurs. But the trick with belonging to a community is not become something you are not. For instance sometimes when teams get together after an event/game for a few beverages things can get out of hand (Once upon a time I was a bartender at a busy pub so I know all about this) … but if that isn’t you then don’t do it.

…..it is important to keep your individualism while being part of a community 

To belong to a community gives people the sense of belonging and need which both of those are very important in each and everyone of our lives!

How many communities do you belong to?  Do they all have positive influences on your life? 

This year I made it a personal goal to be one of the leaders in my community. 

My community is like none other: I belong to a community of online entrepreneurs

  • it will lift you up when you are down
  • it will keep you inspired and encouraged
  • it will keep you learning
  • it will give you a kick in the butt when you need it
  • it will provide you will all the support, encouragement, and training you will need to succeed in the online world!
  • but most importantly our community allows you to be you!

I would love to hear what your community is like and why it has impacted you like mine has impacted me!

Happy Super Bowl Super to all my America friends and Blog readers!!!!

To View My Online Community CLICK HERE

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