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Season 1 : Episode 1 Define Your AWOL

What is your AWOL (Another Way of Life)?

Project AWOL was designed to inspire the averge person to create an income online, so you can work less and live more!

Season 1: Episode 1 What is your AWOL?

  • 8 online entrepeneurs break down their barriers and expose what is truly the reason why they chose to get online!
  • 1 guy’s grilfriend thinks he is at home (Canada) playing video games… but he is actually half way around the world in Thailand....
  • How did Glen manifest this reality show into his life over 2 year ago?

After this episide you will be clear on your vison, understand what is possible and realize you too can live your AWOL!

 Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.35.15 PM


Working within the Project AWOL team we break down all barriers in the online world so you have success right away.

  • Additional training provided from the Empower Network Products
  • A community of over 2,000 + that you can use to your advantage, support, motivate, and inspiration you.
  • Tuesday night vison calls for our community
  • Leaders that want to work directly with you to achieve your AWOL
  • Additional resources, books, and marketing tools available to you when you desire

Get started with EN to get access to all of Project AWOL’s extra resources

Access more info by checking out my Empower Network Blog 

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