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Deflecting Negativity

I know each and every day in our busy lives that we all come across unwanted negativity that let’s be honest it doesn’t make you feel very good, it actually puts us in a negative mind frame and then we begin to attract negativity into our lives…

….Why do you do this? You aren’t worth an ounce of negativity, and I hope you always remember that!

Someone taught me something so simple about how to deflect negativity in my life and I honestly completely forgot all about until today…

To Learn What My Friend Taught Me  Read this amazing article!

Here’s to living in the positive mind frame, and deflecting negativity from our lives!

4 thoughts on “Deflecting Negativity”

    1. Thank you :)

      It is great advice that is simple over thought, but changes everything when you realize you are in 100% control of your feelings

  1. That is cute! I was in yoga this morning — a level II/III class — and a woman new to yoga came in and was immediately challenged about her presence in the class. Well, needless to say, she became very negative and stayed. I actually had the thought, “No, your negativity is not going to ooze into my practice today. I’m going to block it from coming near me!” But now I know I can use my “happiness shield,” which is great! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hey!! Thanks for the great comment 😀

      I love my little happiness shield ha ha, it works wonders and I am glad you enjoy it as much as I do :)

      That is great you were able to deflect that negativity from the lady in Yoga, it is too bad that had to even be brought into the Yoga environment to begin with.

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