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You’re Perfect

You’re perfect

Sometimes you need to be reminded of that

To bring a smile to your face, to know that you are an amazing human being.

You’re perfect!

There is nothing better than giving in what ever way we can. Let me give you the gift of giving.
Each and every one of us are perfect in our own way!

And we all need to be reminded of that. There is no better feeling in this world than to give someone the most amazing smile and feeling when you give them something as simple as kind words or reminders of what they are.

Giving is not about being able to give gifts, or money, giving is about a feeling. A feeling when you realize what you just did for someone when you saw them beam ear to ear, when you realized that you gave them the gift of happiness.

Is there anything better than the feeling of giving? You don’t have to wait to earn money!

What about a smile, a hug, a sandwich, a sign of love a simple exchange of words.

I am giving you the gift to give, start sharing it with the world..

4 thoughts on “You’re Perfect”

    1. Thank you :) I watched a youtube video on being perfect that made me feel so good and I had to elaborate on the gift of giving someone that feeling!

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