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Make sure you know who your travel buddy is

How much fun is it travelling with people who you enjoy their company, people who are like minded, and people who value the same things in life as you do?

I feel so privileged that I have many friends who are online entrepreneurs that enjoy travelling as much as I do, I sometimes forget what it is like to travel with people who are not completely on the same page as you until people tell me these crazy stories of their horror vacations!

Our buddy was picked us up last night from the Kelowna airport and told us the last time and only time he had gone travelling.

We will call me Mr. C just incase anyone knows him!

Mr. C was excited and thrilled to be asked to go on a boys trip to Seattle!

  • First time on a vacation away from home!
  • He was ready to rock and roll!

For those of you who haven’t been to Seattle, I think it is a beautiful city. Anyways they were headed there to watch a game of some sort, I believe it was baseball… but that isn’t really relevant.

Being as Mr. C had never been on vacation he wanted to go and explore the town, have a few drinks after the game and then call it a night.

However his friend had other plans! Mr. C’s friend told him at this time that after the game he was headed to the hotel to go to bed. He promised his gf who was on a girls trip, that he wouldn’t drink or go out! Absolutely no fun at all, back to the hotel too watch TV they went.

Later on in the night Mr. A found out that this Seattle’s boys trip was booked in direct revenge of his go’s woman’s weekend with her mom and sister… and that he was actually the 5th person that this guy asked to join him on the trip.. What a low blow!

I can’t imagine how that would feel? To feel like you were used for revenge on your buddied gf?

I am so grateful that I have never experienced a  trip like that.

Mostly the people who we go travelling with are online entrepreneurs like Tanner and myself. So we work for a few hours in the morning, head out to do something for the afternoon and then do about an hour of work in the evenings!

I just don’t understand the point of booking a revenge trip and then inviting someone along for the ride?



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