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28 Flights, 6 countries, 1 Year

In 2013 I spent a lot of time in airports and ALOT of time in flight.

Earlier in 2013 I took part in a reality show based on online entrepreneurs that was filmed in Phuket Thailand. I attended a few online entrepreneur conferences in the States and flew to Denver for the launch of our reality show.

August 2013 I left for Bali where my boyfriend and I moved to for 3 months.

Can you tell I have a passion for travelling and experiencing the world?

I am 26 years old and a full time traveller. I have been able to create this lifestyle by becoming an affiliate marketer working with the highest converting and highest paying offers on the internet.

When you create an automated income you can be, do and experiences anything that you want to in this life… including taking 28 flights around the world.

I am passionate about what I do and helping others fund their dreams of travelling or really any dreams by learning how to create an automated income through affiliate marketing.

Get fit, and have fun :)

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Denver July 20th 2013
Denver July 20th 2013


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