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Sunny Slopes and Automated Income

This is the first year I have been back on skis since doing school field trips in Grade 6 ..

Which now was 14 years ago! – Crazy how quickly time flies

Those of you who are following me know my story is to take on a new adventure with my BF every 3 months… so you guessed it we are taking on the adventure of being ski bums living in a $7,000/month chalet on Big White Ski Hill near Kelowna British Columbia.

Today was an incredible day on the hill… I have finally advanced my skills from doing the ‘pizza’ or doing a narrower ‘pizza’ LOL and managed to get down the hill twice as fast!!

Soon I will be skiing like a pro… triple back flips in a matter of weeks… okay I won’t go that far ;).. but I will probably be a lot better.


Today was amazing, we skied out of our chalet down to the chairlift and to our surprise there was on one in line and barely anyone on the hill!

…It is as if we have the ski hill to ourself, kind of a surreal feeling and very freeing.

Creating an automated income was the absolute best thing I could have done. An automated income for means that I can be free, ski on Tuesdays while everyone else is at work and wishing they were out doing something else

As Tim Ferris would say “You don’t want a million dollars, you want the lifestyle you think having a million dollars will get you.” I realized if I put off my dreams, waiting for the day when I had the means I thought I needed, those dreams might never materialize.

My biggest struggle was severing my connection  between time and work. If I couldn’t imagine making money without putting in time, I would always be filling my hours with work – simple as that.

The second I shifted my paradigm and started looking for ways to make money without spending my time–automating the process, I was able to make money with minimal time on my part!

If you are seriously ready to shift your paradigm much the same as I did then I am seriously ready to help you along your journey and automate your income.

There is a little contact me button at the top for serious inquiries only!

Health, Wealth, and Happiness

1600014_10153684716290246_1836850943_nThis the is chalet we are living in


Earning an Income online is easier than you think, Let me show you :)

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