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The Holiday Rush

What would the Christmas holidays be like without much of a rush?

Now that Christmas is past for another year I can take some time and reminisce on this wonderful time of year.


Many of you readying this are probably groaning at the fact that you have to wake up to your 6:30 am piercing alarm clocks and head into work fighting the rush hour packed traffic with all the drivers still in a holiday daze… I feel your pain, I used to be one of those people! But this year is different, this year I don’t have to wake up early to the alarm clock or fight the half asleep drivers on the road.

Each year it amazes me at how much time and work goes into preparing a feast and hosting a Christmas dinner and then in the blink of an eye it is over. This year my family was lucky to have my Grandparents host Christmas starting on the eve of Christmas until Boxing Day. They cleaned, baked and wrapped gifts for weeks prior to all 12 of us arriving!

I am a last minute shopper and was fighting through the crowds of Christmas eve shopping, then getting into my little Red Hyundai Accent and racing down to Camrose from Edmonton to make it just in time for fondue – this is a tradition my family has had for many year. As our family continues to grow so does the amount of fondue pots and the bowls of shrimp, hot dogs, steak, scallops, chicken, potatoes, and pork… I am already counting does the days until the next big Christmas fondu.

After our fondu we head into the living room and we do a $10.00 silly little gift exchange.. I ended up with a bag of mixed liquorice so I am not going to complain :)

Christmas day is kind of a blur… 12 people jam packed in my Grandparents living room.. wrapping paper is going flying, thank -you’s are being exchanged and the Christmas joy is in the air! It is unbelievable hard trying to keep a full pot of coffee with 12 adults at Christmas. After an hour or so of opening gifts we all head to the table, another feast is about to begin, fruit, wife-saver, cinnamon buns, sausage and toast .. you are not allowed to be hungry at Grandma’s house – I am sure many people reading this can relate to that!

Our Christmas Day afternoon is filled with many games of cards, walks outside in the beautiful temperatures we were blessed with, many photographs, and a little nap .

Before long we are back up to the table to be fead another glorious feast for the day. Grandpa says grace and we all dig in!! our turkey dinner was finished off with your choices of cheese cake or Christmas pudding.. I opted out for the cheese cake with berries on top – YUMMY!

Another few rounds of cards and it was 11pm, WOW Christmas goes past in such a blur.

My alarm clock screeched at me at 8:30 am, time to start packing my car, quickly eat some breakfast, jump in my little red race rocket and head out to my Dads farm near Lamont. I had my tunes cranked, very few people on the road and +4 temperatures this drive was amazing!!

Boxing Day is my Grandpa Davis’s Birthday, this year would have been his 81st Birthday. Although the day was a little tough to get through, Grandpa passed away just before Christmas last year, we had a blast! We celebrated his Birthday just the same we would have with him with us… a toast to him and a shot of brandy… “Over the lips over the gums, look out Molly here she comes!”

My uncle and I headed out on the ski do’s, touring all neighbours land, we came back about 2.5 hours later to find more family had arrived. After visiting a little I was off on the sled again, this time teaching someone else how to ride!!

Dinner was served a few hours later, deep friend turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, buns, stuffing, gravy, pickles.. yummy!!! Everyone was hitting the couches after from the turkey induced coma’s!

We left the farm about 8:30 heading back to my moms house in Fort Saskatchewan…

now the race is on… trying to get laundry done, pack, and re-organize some things to leave home for another 3 months… in a few hours!!!

Every year it boggles my mind at how fast Christmas comes and goes! I always felt like there as never enough time.. I would get off work for 3  days to enjoy the festivities but I would head back in to work drained… I needed a holiday.

..But for those of you that have been following my journey, this year has been different! This year I don’t have to go back to work, I don’t have to wake up to that alarm clock Monday morning and fight all the sleepy heads on the road… The first day back for many people tomorrow I am planning on laying in bed until 9 or 10 and eventually get up and head into the mall to get some Boing Week shopping done without the elbow to elbow people!

I wish everyone a safe drive to work Monday morning!


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