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The Ultimate Downsize – Living the Simple Life

Have You Ever Wanted To Live A Simpler Life But At This Point of the Game it Is Hard to Change?

I was absolutely amazed at how much ‘stuff’I have collected moving from one house to another house over a few short years! Feb 2013 I bought my first house in Edmonton and began the process of going through my  possessions in storage ( my moms garage, sorry mom!) and trying to figure out what I needed to bring.

Who would have thought I had old magazines stored from my first condo 5 years before,  bedding from a twin bed I had about 13 years ago, shoes without matches, 2 toasters, 3 boxes of towels none of which match, about 20 candles that look pretty but have absolutely no scent, and the list goes on and on and on… Mostly everything in the boxes I gave away to Goodwill except the shoes with no matches.. those went into the garbage!

I didn’t realize how much ‘stuff” I collected over the years that I really had no purpose for anymore :(

I moved everything I could into my new house, simplifying as much as possible , a 900 sq ft house doesn’t leave you too much room for clutter!




It is very liberating knowing that I only have in my house what I need, there is no room for anything else.

This makes it easier on my wallet too 😛 When I go into a store I am less inclined to purchase things that I am humming and hawing over!!


My boyfriend and I were sitting on my couch,the one in the above picture , in May shortly after returning how from filming a reality show in Thailand and we had this crazy idea! We decided that December 2013 we were going to leave everything we had to live out of a suitcase and live the life that most people dream of… traveling the world, sleeping in and experiencing all the breath taking beauty it has to offer.

But… we had a quick change of heart!! …..

We decided that we were too excited, we had to do this right now, why were we waiting for December to roll around?!

Before I knew it I was looking for a tenant for my house and Tanner was doing the same for his.  I had been in my first purchased home for 6 months before I found myself substantially downsizing again! – this was very sad for me but exciting at the same time

But this time I was downsizing from my 900sq ft house to an average sized jam packed suitcase! 



– This isn’t actually my suitcase, but it is more appealing than the my jam packed wheeling one – you would laugh if you saw what I actually used! 

This time around I was pressed for time! okay I fibbed a bit, aside from my suitcase I did store 2 tupperware containers full of clothes at my dads place for when I returned :) – I couldn’t part with all my clothes at that time ( I probably could now!)

I took every females essentials which included ALL hair Products, 6 swim suits, 8 summer dresses, about 15 tops, 9 pairs of shorts, 4 different pairs of shoes, makeup and that was it


Tanner and I lived in Bali for 3 months in the most spectacular  place I could have ever dreamed of ( we are back in Canada right now awaiting out next destination on Jan 2nd ) and what a liberating experience once again having literally nothing but your essentials! When we were packing to return home for the Christmas holidays I realized that most of the items I brought I never used once!! I think I only used 1 swim suit, a few different outfits, 1 pair of shoes, unless we were shooting videos for our businesses or doing on a dinner date I never wore make up, and I didn’t do my hair once! I really could have taken half of my suit case out and given those clothes to GoodWill

It has been very interesting to know I really do not need any of the possessions that I once had. I have been without a cell phone for almost 4 months, have no car (which at times has been an issue but nothing I can’t figure out) without all those old magazines, 100’s of shoes/ purses and all the stored stuff I forgot I had.

I have never been happier than I am right now.

My life is in a suitcase and that is all I need, the ultimate downsize for the ultimate life!!


Like always if you are interested or what to know what it is Tanner and I do to be able to travel to a new destination every 3 months           CLICK HERE, enter in your email addy, and watch the Free 20 minute video that explains the company we use and how this company can also help you do what ever it is that you want to do. … Don’t worry you don’t have to do the ultimate downsize, that is just my personal choice 😛


11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Downsize – Living the Simple Life”

    1. Hey Jack,

      That is so neat, I would love to live in England then!!

      I think the average size of house in the city I live in is 1,700+ sq ft

  1. Ironically I just did a huge downsizing of our possessions after we moved into a BIGGER house. I got fed up of having things we didn’t use and really really fed up of always picking up too many toys and clothes. I’m still doing little odds and ends, if I have to pick up a kids’ movie one too many times, I throw it out. Nobody misses it.

  2. Love this post and completely agree with you – we have sooo much stuff we don’t use and that is completely pointless. And we go on holiday we only ever use less than half of the things we bring. Now I try to travel with hand luggage only!

  3. Loved the post… hubby and myself actually LOVE our home and our space. But if we were adventurous I would be doing what you are doing too…..It is always fun to see what others are up too. Keep on having fun….

  4. I live in a 500 square foot studio, and man, I need to learn to declutter. I’ve collected so much that my place is starting to burst at the seems. Any tips?

    1. Just get rid of it all!! haha! JK!

      What I like to do is if I haven’t used it or worn it in 6 months it is given away – clothes

      If it is anything else it gets 3 months and then I usually post it on a classified site and sell it, in Canada I use kijiji not sure if that site is available where you are :)

      Living in a small space can be difficult

      Good luck and I hope that space doesn’t burst ha ha

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