abcabcabdd It’s that time of year, Exam time! Are you aware of the highest and lowest paying jobs for university graduates? – LindyJordan

It’s that time of year, Exam time! Are you aware of the highest and lowest paying jobs for university graduates?

You are writing your last exam, for some of you ready to graduate, do you know what the highest and lowest paying jobs are out there for graduates? – Any guesses?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know before you head into a career what the highest and lowest paying university degree’s were?


On The Money-Aggressively Paying Off Student Loans

Anthony Carnevale, director and research professor of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, went and found out for you, the Top 10 Highest and Lowest Paying University Degree’s and put the information into an exhaustive report…but i’ll just include the meat and potatoes for you :)

Top 10 highest:

  1. Petroleum Engineering: $120,000
  2. Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration: $105,000
  3. Mathematics and Computer Science: $98,000
  4. Aerospace Engineering: $87,000
  5. Chemical Engineering: $86,000
  6. Electrical Engineering: $85,000
  7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: $82,000
  8. Mechanical Engineering: $80,000
  9. Metallurgical Engineering: $80,000
  10. Mining and Mineral Engineering: $80,000

Top 10 lowest:

  1. Counseling Psychology: $29,000
  2. Early Childhood Education: $36,000
  3. Theology and Religious Vocations: $38,000
  4. Human Services and Community Organization: $38,000
  5. Social Work: $39,000
  6. Drama and Theater Arts: $40,000
  7. Studio Arts: $40,000
  8. Communication Disorders Sciences and Service: $40,000
  9. Visual and Performing Arts: $40,000
  10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs: $40,000

Just for context, the average cost of an undergraduate degree in Canada is $84,000. This includes the cost of tuition, books and living expenses.

If You had access to a list of the top 10 highest and lowest paying university degree’s before you entered university, would that have changed your career path?


I was always one of those people that never knew what I wanted to do, so I took every course out there imaginable not really finishing any of them but over this learning curve for me I realized on thing

…Pick a career based on what lifestyle you want to live.

Plain and simple.

…and that is the exact advice I give anyone who tells me that they do not know what to do with their life.

Now typically you would think that career + money = lifestyle

…but only to some degree.

I’ll show you two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Let’s say you want to earn $250,000 a year so that you can live life the way you want to. Now depending on what job you have yes you can make that kind of money…but what exactly are you giving up to earn that income?

Are You away from your family for a month at a time?

Are You working 60 hours a week and by the time you get home all you want to do is sleep?

On paper you’re earning the income that you need to live the lifestyle you desire, but you aren’t really living it because your time is being spent simply earning that income.

Now on the opposite side of the spectrum if you love serving people or helping them say in a counselling role like in the above article…but you only earn $29,000 a year and you desire a $60,000 a year lifestyle what are you going to do about it?

Either way in each of those situations if Your career isn’t allowing you to live the lifestyle you desire, you will start resenting and eventually lose all passion you had for it simply because you aren’t living the life you deserve.

…it was when I realized that simple fact, that I knew it didn’t matter how much money you made.

But rather how you earned that income that really mattered.

And it is for that simple fact that I ventured into the online world. See you don’t have to make millions of dollars online to live the life you’ve always wanted(but it’s alright if you do). Even if you just replaced your existing income because you were satisfied with it, you have now free’d up your most valuable asset.

…Your time

And all things being equal, how would your life change now that you have those hours from 9-5 totally wiped clean and you could do whatever you wanted in those hours.

What hobbies would you pick up?

What destinations would you go visit?

Would you be more active in your children’s life?

Or would you simply spend more time on You, and develop yourself into the person that you really wanted to be?

The possibilities are limitless when you have complete control of your time. And thats the most precious commodity of all.

To see what I am talking about sit down and watch this amazing 20 minute video that will transform your life much the same as mine




14 thoughts on “It’s that time of year, Exam time! Are you aware of the highest and lowest paying jobs for university graduates?”

  1. This is an excellent model! I have one similar on my blog and its one of the greatest advice you could give someone. Being 19, I am running the same project and day by day im laying the foundation for myself.
    I would like to point out a minor typo. (no fault on your part) it was where you typed on, where i believe its suppose to be “one” and was in the end of this paragraph “I was always one of those people that never knew what I wanted to do, so I took every course out there imaginable not really finishing any of them but over this learning curve for me I realized on thing”

    1. Hey! Thanks for pointing out this error, I will get it fixed up right away :)

      Which project are you running?

      Chat soon


      1. Your Welcome.
        This may sound funny, but its more of a ‘Life Project’. You see, with more than 5+ years in the computer field, I should take a career in the Technology field. I started my computer experience by programming gaming cheats for video games. During high school i got into making music as its one of my favorite hobbies. But during this whole time i knew there was a secret way to make money online except i was all alone until two weeks ago i made a discovery on leads, sales, traffic, and how all that can equal some income. Now, its starting to become clear to me that i could in fact make a career out of this if i wanted to. I believe this is something similar to you?


        1. I am very happy that you have have chosen to work online! Freedom from time and finances is an incredible lifestyle :)

          Yes I am an internet marketer, I have been working part time since Feb of 2013 while I had a day job and August this year left my job to solely work online.

          Keep up the good work :) Congrats on making an amazing realization that you can make money online and going after it! It is so much simpler than people think

          1. Wow so it goes i aint the only late bloomer huh? (:

            If you speak the truth, I wanna congratulate you on your extraordinary success! I know you must of put in some hard work as a young internet marketer working a day job.

            I am independent on my financial status as i don’t really come from the richest of family, and i gotta say working 8 hours and coming home to study some marketing, plus go to college to have a backbone isnt easy..But I wanna thank you for your time and comments.

            Hope we can stay in touch

          2. If you poke around on my blog or my FB you would indeed find out for yourself that I always speak the truth – Please feel free to add me as a friend on FB
   where you can follow my journey since I first opened up my account years ago until the present day.

            My journey is an open book and you are correct it hasn’t always been easy but it has been worth it :)

            Keep in touch


    1. This seems like a hot topic to write about! I will go and read your post!

      Thank you so much for sharing :)


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