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Dare to be DIFFERENT??




Have you ever sat and looked around at people.

Have you noticed that many people do not look happy?

Have you noticed how miserable people look?

How often do you hear people whine and complain about their jobs, and/or their lives?

Have you noticed that even in your life or listening to people complain that it all comes down to nothing is good enough?

Why do you think this is?

Someone could have a million dollars but still would be complaining, someone could have the nicest wardrobe but still complaining, someone could have the most prestigious job but they will still be complaining?

When you think of most of your conversations you would most likely agree that there is a lot of whining and complaining.

Now in days It seems like it’s the norm to feel like nothing is ever enough, to have a reason to whine/ complain  and the reason for this is so simple.

 It all comes down to following the crowd. Most people are prisoners to the opinions of sheep. People are too scared to be themselves.

It is hard to not care about what others think about us, it is in our nature to care. One thing I have learned is that to be happy you have to start only caring about the opinions of people that help you move forward in your life. If someone doesn’t have what you want then why should you take their opinion and care about what they say? A quick example of what I mean: What I do for a living allowed me to retire young, everyone frowned at me, told me it wasn’t going to work, told me it was a bad idea ect ect had I for a moment listened to their opinions I would not be sitting here as someone who is 26 years old and free from a traditional job. Don’t get me wrong I love those people dearly that told me their opinions but had I listened to them I would be miserable and still working my job. I chose to listen to people that had what I wanted, were happy, and jobless. In turn I am so happy, thoroughly loving life, stress free and all because I Dared to Be Different.

The moment that you stop caring what others think about you will become the moment that you’re free!! This realization has led me to accomplish what I thought would never be possible!

Be who you want to be, do the things that you want to do no matter what other people think.

It is time for you to stand out of the crowd and be the person you truly want to be.

Don’t be afraid of standing out of the crowd. It’s so much more fun that way – Trust me, I know 😉

How do I stand out from the crowd? I chose to be an internet marketer and travel the world – CLICK HERE to watch a video of the company I work with


6 thoughts on “Dare to be DIFFERENT??”

    1. Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more with you.

      When you are in love with your life you are confident in yourself and what you stand for and you will be yourself!

      Thanks for the great comment :)

  1. Loved this, I’m Irish. I don’t smoke don’t drink have been married to the same person for 30 years, volunteer, coach athletics, train rescue dogs, and don’t shop till I drop every week, how different is that? I love life. Agree with your post, find a passion and your life will improve.

    1. Hi Maria,

      Wow, you are very inspiring to me, what type of rescuing do your dogs do?

      Isn’t it an incredible feeling knowing when you wake up each morning knowing what you are doing is what you are passionate about?

      1. search and rescue, she loves it, but Bob, my blog Bob is a poser, his job is being cuddled by those who need a cuddle and giving loads of sympathy – Everybody loves a Bob –
        But you are right, I don’t have much money but feck life can be interesting without it.

        1. That is so neat Maria! I want a Bob dog, he probably loves his job as much as the people love him being there <3

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