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96 Year Old Man Writes a Song for His Wife of 75 Years

She gave me 75 years of her life’: The tone- deaf 96-year-old who entered heartbreaking song he wrote for his late wife into contest… and got it made into a real record


96 year old Fred Stobaugh thought he’d  never get an answer for a singer-songwriter contest he entered with a ballad he wrote for his wife of 75 years but contest runners just couldn’t ignore his touching ode!

This is a touching story of love. 96 year old Fred Stobaugh from Illinois recently lost his wife after an amazing 75 years with her.

Looking at the pictures and listening to the song brings tears to my eyes, it isn’t every day you stumble upon a deeply rooted love story.

While sitting in their old house Fred decided to write the song not long after Lorraine passed away. A few days later he saw an ad in a local paper for a singer-song writer contest, and the detail we you must submit the song over YouTube.

After pondering over whether he should submit it or not, he went and found a yellow envelope and stuffed everything in and mailed it off.

When the contest originators saw the big yellow envelope the immediately opened it, it stood out from the rest, and to their amazement it was a song written by a 96 year old man about his wife.

Everyone at the studio was touched and they knew they had to do something about this love song. After meeting with Fred to find out how he thought the sounds should go, the singer went to work and before they knew it a song was recorded!


This song is very beautiful and showcases Fred’s long lasting love for his beautiful wife Lorraine. – tears are coming to my eyes as I am thinking about this song.

This this got me thinking, how many people actually find true love like Fred and Lorraine?


If you have a true love at home I have a challenge for you, be creative and think of  something you normally wouldn’t do and go home tonight and do it for your significant other, for that person you love to no end and show them how much they mean to you.

Maybe that means brings flowers, baking their favourite dinner, purchasing a ‘just because card’, doing the dishes because you know they don’t like to, telling them how much they mean to you, writing them a poem or a song, I am not a romantic and can’t think or anything else at the moment but just think about how good it feels to feel loved and appreciated and be the first to show it :)


Read more of the original article, the music video can also be found her- get a box of kleenex:


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