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[22 Hours Fly-Time] and a Pitstop in Tokyo‏

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Im am sitting here in a complete state of gratitude.

If you would have told me 90 days ago that I would be living on

a beach with my boyfriend, living our dream life in Bali

…then to fly 22 hours to a mansion in Orlando for an event to

hangout with friends and mastermind with other internet marketers.

I wouldn’t have believed you.

…Actually I would have believed you, but I wouldn’t have believed it

could happen so soon.

See I knew it in my head that it was absolutely possible and I visualized

Tanner and myself doing all of these things, but it was the time frame

that wasn’t real to me.

The truth of the matter is that when you have an online business

you can escape time and location, meaning that you’re efforts

will be magnified 100x more because it is always working for you

…you then see results faster and faster while compressing timeframes.


I read an article in Forbes from a gentleman that was talking about

wealth, success and how long it took to acquire the ‘wealthy’ status.

He touted that in history it took 20-30 years of grinding and tedious

hard work to get to that stature.

But now because of the internet you can compress timeframes

and reach that status all before the ripe old age of 30!

…and if you’re over 30 don’t worry!

There’s still plenty of time to Get Started and learn how to compress

time frames so that you can Work Less & Live More :)

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