Private Pools, Beach, and Spa Day



Today wraps up another awesome day of being an online entrepreneur 

I operate a home based business and home is currently in Bali

Todays Agenda 

I woke up this morning had an oatmeal breakfast

went for a swim 

upgraded our villa for one with a private pool 

Scootered around Seminyak square and down to the beach 

Went for an 1.5hour spa scrub, polish, and massage 

Ordered Pizza Hut delivery to our room 

I am currently doing about an hours worth of work while watching Top Chef


Doing my gratitudes 

and getting cozy in bed. 

Hmmm… what will tomorrow bring me? 

What will your tomorrow bring you? 

Get in touch with me to do what I do for a  living !



8 thoughts on “Private Pools, Beach, and Spa Day”

    1. Those were my exact thoughts back in Feb.

      If someone would have told me that learning the skill set of internet marketing would take me here in a few months I would have laughed pretty hard.

      Think of it this way, when you learned the skills that you need for your job it probably was a learning curve for you but now that you have the hang of it it come effortlessly and easy to you.

      That is the same with Internet Marketing, you need to learn how to do it and apply what you learn- hope that makes sense :)


  1. Hi Harry,

    Yes I am a full time marketer. I wasn’t always, when I first started I was learning this in the evenings after working 9 hours at large oil and gas company in Alberta.

    1. Ha ha ha it was a big debate between Pizza Hut and delivery McDonalds… you have to try everything once right 😛

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