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Re-Charging Your Brain and Your Focus

Have you every felt like you are warn down, like everything is bothering you and you are unappreciative of the little things around you on a daily basis?
If you have …that means it is time to re-reharge your brain. Your brain is like any other muscle and needs a break once in awhile.
Whether you are busy as an employee, entrepreneur, stay at home mom or what ever you do that keeps your busy you must take some time to unwind and completely detach yourself from your distractions that got you to those feelings in the first place.
It may be easier for me to get grounded living in Bali than anyone in the hustle and bustle of North America, but non the less it is possible!
Things I like to do to recharge 
  • Turn off the alarm clock and wake up to the waves crashing around me
  • Turn off my online business and completely stop thinking about it
  • I dive into a book that allows my mind to wander
  • I write out my gratitudes a few times a day, usually in the morning and at night.
  • I write out my perfect day and what that looks like from the moment I wake up until bedtime
  • I go for long showers when I listen to the sound of the water and my powerful inner voice
  • I go for a swim/ walk in the middle of the day and possibly even a nap.
  • Go to the gym and have a good work out
….. Blissful! 
Beautiful flower off my front step
However you want to re-charge and re-focus it is completely up to you but the most important part is that you do it.
After taking a few days to myself and re-charging I am ready to get back at it, more focused than ever!!
If you don’t have the abilities to recharge when ever you want and you have to wait until you 2 day weekend then you owe it to yourself to be able to!  I am able to do this from working online and you can to it is simple!
To get started working online or to follow me through Bali:
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Stay inspired and happy recharging!

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  1. Throughout my career I realised how important it was to take time out to THINK! Even now I am retired, I make time for walking, preferably alone, so I can simply get my mind re-charged. Good luck.

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