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Attack of the Cute Monkeys!

Have you been attacked by a monkey before? 

My headline isn’t far from the truth! 
A few days ago we made the trek from our home in Candidasa Bali to Monkey Forest in Ubud! After making a few wrong turns, asking for directions 5-6 times we finally made it! 




You drive through the artsy town of Ubud for what seemed about 10 minutes and then stumble across a dense luscious green forest!
2,000 IDR for a day of fun! 2,000 IDR is equivalent to $2.00 Canadian. 
We paid our entry fee and began our hike. As we entered there was a stand on the right that had hundreds of bananas costing about 2,000 IDR for the bunch. Many tourists bought bananas and lined their pockets and bags with them

…. I previously read too many blogs about Monkey Forest to buy the bananas LOL 


The monkeys can smell those bananas a mile away, and will come running from every angle. This pour English woman walking in front of us made this mistake of dangling the bananas and shortly after was trying to fling 6 monkeys off of her!! – It was quite a sight to see! 

Here you will find monkeys of all species, from old ones to little baby monkeys nursing! 
You must not be afraid of monkeys to enter 


Hidden in the forest were temples that are used by the locals from their prayers. 


Watch the video I have added to see what Monkey Forest is like first hand. 
If you are traveling or planning on travelling to Bali you Must but Monkey Forest on you list of things to do and see. 

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