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Balinese Beauties

Balinese Beauties

If you haven’t been to Bali you need to consider it for your next vacation or ‘staycation’

After been in Candidasa for a week and a half I have explored a few of the touristy areas on the eastern side of the island.

So far my favourite places would be Monkey Forest in Ubud, dipping in the water at Black Sand Beach in Candidasa, scootering along the ocean side, eating at our favourite cafe Pandan Restaurant.

We have not even come close to exploring the island and it’s beauty in entirety.

I am so blessed to be living in the beautiful country of Bali and plan on taking advantage of every waking moment I am here.

If you like my pictures click on anyone of them and it will take you to my YouTube channel where I have footage of my trip so far.

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5 thoughts on “Balinese Beauties”

    1. Hey, yes I am living in Candidasa.

      Where did you go in Bali? The scenery is spectacular here and the people are so friendly!

      I absolutely love it here :)


      1. so many places, hehe, right from the southern, tu Ubud and then Kintamani. Yup, Bali is really like my second home. always wanna go there if I have spare time and leave ๐Ÿ˜€ where du you and your boyfriend stay in Bali?

        1. Sorry about the late response! I wasn’t sure how to check older messages LOL !

          We are staying in Lila Baratta – which is a little community of houses in the middle of Candidasa. We have an ocean front house.

          I can see why it would be your second home, this place is paradise.

          Where do you live right now that you can fly over here often?


  1. hey girl, nice to know you. Bali is nice but for me it’s Port Douglas in far north Queensland. Happy you like my blog. All this social media is new to me but helping people to realise their dreams is a very inspiring thing to do. Nice pic of you too……:-)_

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