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Briefly Bali

My first 29 hours in Bali has been quite the experience. 

After departing from the plane at 2:30 AM (Bali Time) and arriving at the Sunset Hotel in Kuta the time shift began to set in.. I needed to stay awake until night time… needless to say this was a challenge!

We went for a walk down the streets in hopes to find a little cafe to begin our day with our daily gratitude writings, and a cup of cappacino. We walked, and walked and walked… nothing appeared to open for 10 am… like the typical tourist we found the local McDonalds and settled for a few egg McMuffins… 

Not realizing the impact of the morning sun I did not lather myself with sunscreen, boy with this mistake number 1 … a few minutes before writing this blog I looked at myself in the mirror and I am mimicking the red of a lobster! The remainder of the way we spent lounging near the poor, and frolicking in the chilled pool water.. boy was this refreshing. 


Day 1 was filled with many laughs and countless memories. I am so thankful to have moved to Bali and even more thankful my boyfriend is sharing my experiences and my good friend Kaitlyn. 

In a few hours we are packing up out belongings from the hotel and making the 3 hour taxi ride to our beach front condo. 

I am so excited that you are following my life in Bali, and look forward to updating my blog each day


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