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Roll Out the Red Carpet and Check Out PROJECT AWOL’s REALITY TV Show Trailer


Are You Ready to Find out What the PROJECT AWOL reality show is?

If you are wondering this question you are probably new to my blog or you haven’t creeped around enough. Project AWOL is a group of online entrepreneurs who will do what ever it is it takes to live out their version of Another Way of Life.

The Project AWOL reality show pulls back the curtains and exposes the ups and downs of 32 online marketers working for their dream lifestyles.


Project AWOL reality TV show is made up of 32 online marketers ranging from the person who is new to the industry all the way to the advanced marketer to emphasize the fact that everyone in the online industry is at equal playing fields.

The reality show was a vision of the founders of Project AWOL; this Saturday they will watch their dreams become reality in front of a 600 +  audience in Denver Colorado at the launch of the Project AWOL reality TV show!

The experience came complete with 2 hill top mansions over looking Bang Tao Thailand, personal chefs, chauffeurs, yachts, infinity pools, private Maui Tai boxing, and to top it all off a Hollywood film crew that followed us around

I am very excited for the launch of the show, stay tuned for more updates 

Please feel free to poke around on my website to find out who information about who I am and how I make money online.

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