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… do you have a powerful reason why?


I am speaking on the brink of exhaustion.

My emotions are running raw.

Please read this with an open mind and open heart.

Have you ever sat back and thought about the reason why you do the things you do?

I am going to speak about one topic in particular and that is work

Why do you go to work?…The answer seems simple… to make money and pay the bills. If the answer is that simple and a job is to only pay our bills then why do people tend to stay at jobs that they are not satisfied with?! What is your deep driving force that ultimately keeps you at that particular place if you are not 100% satisfied?

I man from Brooklyn reached out to me today, and said words that sent shivers down my spine. I had to re-read his messages multiple times because of the way they moved me.

When he reached out to me he said he was very moved by the way I am able to live. When I asked him about his dreams and how he wanted to live he told them to me, he said, “ Ive always dreamed about not living without a negative thought at all. But I feel like a bird trapped in tar. Barely struggling to breathe. I like talking to those people who are confident and have their foot on the right path”

Unfortunately at this point in his life he has had to suppress his own dreams in life, but for great reasons, to support his family… work at a job that he doesn’t love, most likely doesn’t get paid what he wis worth, and always feeling like he will have to make these sacrifices… the reason why he can make these sacrifices is because of his family.. they are his why!

My reason why is also my family and to be able to help hundreds of other families.. I currently work a 9-5 job (August 16th 2013 is my retirement day) After work I drive home, eat supper, head to the gym, then log back onto my computer to do some online marketing… each and every day I am exhausted.. as the week goes on I hit my exhaustion point..

but none of that matters– what matters is the reason why I am working so hard. My reason is my family and changing lives. I decided to go against the gain, build and online business in the evenings while I work during the day because of how great the rewards are . Because of my decision my life, my families and hundreds of other families will be greatly changed forever.

I am so convicted in the way I live my life. I love my life, I love waking up in the mornings, and getting ready for my day. I love waking up and wondering how many peoples’s lives I am going to effect positively each and every day. I love guessing how many people I am going to be able to touch and help get their life back. I am so passionate about life and living it to its full potential… and that is what I do for a living… helping people live their lives… why… because I want them to wake up feeling as empowered as I do

I am so great-ful to the blogger that reached out to me today. You have touched my heart in many ways. You have made me re-realize why I do the things I do, and those reasons I will never forget.

You need a reason why to do anything in your life, but make sure you dig deep to find that answer and use it to do something great with your life. Use your reason why as a motivating factor, to uplift you and carry you on.

I promise you if you follow the path that I am on it will not be easy at times but it will be worth it. 

click here to watch an amazing video about the people and the group I work with. 









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