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What has Project AWOL done for me


4.5 months ago I would have laughed in hysterics at you if you told me I would be quitting my cushy job at a well know oil and gas company in Alberta to go work anywhere that has an internet connection.. hanging up my office clothes for shorts and a tank top!!

I would never have expected that I would be trading in my desk, nice office clothes, and favourite coffee mug for shorts, bikinis, flip flops and sunglasses … I LOVE my new office attire!!

Thank you Project AWOL!!

Project AWOL has lead me down the path less traveled to full-fil all the dream I have ever had. Every day I wake up and thank myself for taking this path and following my gut instincts!

Feb. 2013 I started with empower network and partnered up with Project AWOL.  At this point I had never ventured into the online world, actually changing my Facebook status was a chore for me!! I was looking for other ways to make money because I was not okay with living the rest of my life ( I am 26 years old) working for someone else’s dreams, someone else’s holidays, and someone else’s wallet!! I wanted to be in control of my life, and have the ability to design my life my way. 

I tinkered around in a few MLM companies but they just didn’t seem right. In January 2013 I met up with an old friend from 4 years prior ( he later become my boyfriend but that is a whole other story and blog post) because he was making money online and I NEEDED to know what he was doing.

He didn’t have to tell me twice, when we started talking about our dreams something struck a chord and I knew that if I sincerely wanted my dreams to become reality I was going to be the one that would have to fight for them. 

He introduced me to Project AWOL, which in my opinion is the absolute most amazing community of like minded individuals. We are all online marketers and willing to help each and everyone of our fellow team mates out. This is the community everyone wants to be involved in if they are online marketers.

Along with the community Project AWOL has be simplest ‘plug and play’ system around. Like I mentioned earlier, I could barely change my FB status a few months ago and using Project AWOL’s system I am a successful online marketer.

The photo above is what some of Tanner and my team mates are saying about us. Because of Project AWOL Tanner and I are moving to Bali, we leave Canada August 31st 2013 ( coming up so quickly). We have rented a house that is ocean front and absolutely breath taking.

I sincerely wish that everyone that is reading this little blog get in touch with me and start making your dreams reality. I went through ups and downs in this business but because of that I can show you what NOT to do, and you will build this quicker than I did.

If you are looking to generate any amount of income, even on the side of your job, you can do that with the help of my self and the amazing support of Project AWOL. Anyone that joins my team of online marketers will personally get a coaching call from me and my assistant to ensure you are set up for 100% success.

I look forward to working with each and everyone of you. Click here to get started right now and I will call you within 24-48 hours or your sign up.

Lindy Jordan Davis

Click here to learn about what I did and who project AWOL is

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    1. Hi,

      I will gladly send you some information about it. The issue I find with the internet is when someone tries something and ‘it doesnt work for them’ they immediately deem it a scam and feel the need to post it publicly. Usually if you were to dig into it a little bit more it was someone who was disgruntled because they chose not to follow the easy steps that have been proved to work by over 150,000 other people. In any business online or offline it will work if you work, this business is no different than any offline business. Hope that clear up why you googled and you found scam. I can introduce you to our Project AWOL community of over 1,500 and growing by +20 a day that would say other wise… myself included… this business has allowed myself and my boyfriend to leave our jobs as a real estate agent and myself and a production coordinator in an oil and gas company in Edmonton Alberta and move to Bali.. scams can’t do that, you know :) I hope you have a great day and I look forward to talking with you very soon :)

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