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Have You Been To Ship Wreck Island?

I was in Phuket Thailand a couple weeks ago while we were filming a reality TV show with Project AWOL (Another Way of Life). During the week of filming our schedule was jam packed with activities. .

ship wreck island
ship wreck island

The whole purpose of the show was to create awareness that you can create your dream lifestyle if you choose. This show will showcase online entrepreneurs that are driven to live Another Way of Life, no matter the cost.

Thursday May 30th 2013 we headed out on yachts to Ship Wreck Island, in Phuket Thailand

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was shining, with a few scattered clouds. The water was crystal clear.

Once the yacht was parked it didn’t take long for us all to jump in and cool off!!!

Absolutely anyone can live this lifestyle…and Project AWOL provides the freedom that so many of us desire.

…Learn how you can live Another Way of Life by clicking here, or feel free to reach out through email          

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