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Packing Up and Moving to Bali

Packing up and moving to Bali – that’s the answer I have been telling people when they inquire about my life.

Step 1 – check – told boss that as of September 1st 2013 I will no longer be employed with the company I currently work at

Step 2 – in progress – sifting through thousand of rentals on the beach in Bali, Indonesia

Step 3 – in progress- finding the best travel deals at the beginning of February.

Jetting to Bali  YES it is that easy to live in paradise

YES you can have this lifestyle also

YES it will happen sooner than you think!


While in Bali I will be making money online as a blogger.

Where should my next destination be after 60 days in Bali, do you have any suggestions? It must be breath taking, hot, tropical, and a safe community.

Thank you Project AWOL

Why don’t you come and join me on my next venture?

3 thoughts on “Packing Up and Moving to Bali”

  1. Phuket. Spent part of my honeymoon there at my friends resort. Bali is lovely now…it was unbelievably beautiful 25 years ago before tourism turned on in a big way. Fiji? Seychelles Islands are awesome also. Choices are endless. How about Tofino B.C Not exactly Tropical but still beautiful.
    Wherever you go…enjoy.

    1. Thank – you for the great comment! You sound like a seasoned traveller. I am very excited to move to Bali!! Do you have any suggestions for thing to do and places to see in Bali?

      1. I’m a 56 year old married male that enjoys 20km mud races and running up hills…you are a beautiful young lady on a different path altogether. It’s Bali – believe me, you won’t have any trouble finding interesting things to do! and see!
        I’ve traveled more than 40 countries and stayed for extended periods of time…9 mths in India – 11 years in Thailand – 6 mths x 2 in Vietnam etc…part of the fun of travel is discovering. I still don’t “book ahead or scroll the net” before going anywhere…I go – ask – find.It’s impossible to see everything in one go…so I have to go back again. It’s a plan I’ve been using for years!
        Enjoy Bali Lindy…and wherever else you may roam. But never, never forget where you came from.

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